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QXAlmighty - owns a "project stigma" and claimed that jointservice worked back then, hardcore larps and jerks off every night to that ligma playstation logo. cries all day over random people that pissed him off152597398693085184
BlameIdris - larps with schizoelijahmania, mainly in hopes to get his methods or some shit lol, doesnt hardcore larp as much but just mainly dickrides him1082730941002285096
digitality because he likes cock and is a fucking moron741413730293776425
"g00byd0lanoffical" - claims to be g00byd0lan and jerks himself off every day to pixelated videos of gooby hacking fencing, unimaginably retarded1062848968519864340
bunnydoots thinks hes oh so cool but hes completely autistic, larps with schizoelijah703432665227067463
tcp - likes to steal games and scams kids for a couple bucks, pooron1026618238580306032
CodeBreakers#1801 - calls himself Hark and larps as him 1126078757573251072
Scripty - says the most unbelievably autistic bullshit one can ever spew out of their mouths. wtf is lua sharp1126722299723251764
Spongebob - krusty krab worker lives in bikini bottom and thinks he is hot shit263631818283883747
hes autistic869339745308790885
'c00lkidofficial' - larping nigger who claims in his words "mobile febypass was around this year but it was a script that bypassed it but mobile bypass stoped working" (probably about sb)1115408637490372608
SonicElijahMania dickrider and corny asf971143252667416647
Retarded overdeveloped boyclit faggot that dickrides a person that claims to be 'known'. Likes to larp with his equally emo friend Aori. Probably a fat fucking nigger IRL1062736755956134009
Jaydes - potentially overweight human-sized whale oil fuel canister whos sole purpose in Discordian life is to be anally raped by gay porn GIFs brought to you by popbob foundation/gnaa. also likes larping with Aori. when not larping, he enjoys his leisurely time picking cotton and anxiously waiting for his eboy to respond.1123763550406586478
aori is a retarded skid and a no namer and they think they were the byfron bypasser and one of his friends are larpers and aori is a larper too, his video look's so ass and they're thubnail looks like shit, and he thought he could win the arguement but failed to win.1110617721084854292
snipermask00000/{External Roblox Service} - retarded larpfaggot that claims that he is going to 'combine project rc7, nameless admin, iy and script searcher' in his shitty larping community. The server was audited by GNAA agents and a small munition of gay pornography was deployed. Him, along with scripty and others are butthurt larping niggers900706855188332544
n00td00t "cheat buddy", check the image for info. average hardcore larp of cheat buddy out of everyone lmao971143252667416647
trickster.r - larping as trickster and generally begging for rc7. lives in france near a fucking airport and probably smells like mold. will suck dick for running scripts in x64.973656499953995866
Unverified/_Unverified - larps unverified Scams Kid out of Project Ligma Pretends he Owns Project stigma207212197800181763
Mr 02 - being an avid closeted homosexual hiding in ROBLOX™ games with no RCD, Mr 02's Transorbital Lobotomy exposed himself as a complete fucking moron. He is a prized, World's First programmer who can program in JSON, according to Mr 02.879708232220823603
Yin-Yang // Binary_Player // Yin8Yang - pedo nigger who flirts with boys online473865799111671830
Biggest retard ever, dicsucks every "pros" he believes in, can't define what is dicksucking, doesn't know LUA and asking questions about LUA shit. Biggest larper. MOON GOD PRAISER. COPIES EVERYONE1090323463526428694
Reverse Engineer larper, thinks hes the #1 kid and thinks he can do sum shit with reverse engineering. A lot of people hate him. Also a skid1123920424640720967
Some retard korean furry nigga i blocked 2 years ago, have at it553109272901451786
Khamsin - some retarded nigga that tried raiding a friend's server and attempt to grab his IP, much to his dismay his efforts were as futile as his penis size, and over 1 year later the nigga still holds a grudge1004100181580587109
Gurkanaktug1 - an incredibly retarted 20 year old (allegedly) who likes to do erotic roleplay with 12 year olds and was caught owning audio for daisy's destruction. Also steals art and uses his alt account to like the post. 1124049220102533290
333Supra A.K.A "krone" - Extremely retarded dollhousian skid who talks shit about everyone, beg everyone for a synapse key and thinks he's so cool because he is the "best larp"1134576132784664697
erps with 15 year olds on discord!?!??! dawg is 17, lives in north carolina, phone number is [TRUNCATED] and his name is [TRUNCATED]!?!?!? his indian "girl"friend has a penis and erps with 15 year olds with him?!??!?!???1128820174129213480
ProfessionalHackerman - Dick rides harkinian, begged spoonge to be in a GC with him, uses ChatGpt with roblox lua and still calls himself a scripter. 1078341280154787842
FalseBoolean - aka alex the bipolar german femboy faggot peodphile who likes little boys -he gets mad at you if you say something bad to him even as a joke -he is a huge skid who was spoonfed a lot of shit and liked to dickride many people -the pedo faggot even got hard in a vc with a 12 year old boy once (who was known as "jayln")979662008683216897
Artyom/Ariya: Is a transgender who runs a anti nigger Server and attacks GNAA calling it a “fake origination” and is in vc 24/7 talking to girlfriend and posts unsolicited nudes 1149671353843187833
anonycake, larper who cried over someone drawing joke porn of his OC, also cried because i goatse'd him once WITH A TRIGGER WARNING, he also jerks off to formula one engine sounds and spends his whole life on an f1 simulator thing and dreams to be in f1, also not a gay nigger972175556248473604
ymxm a 300 pound neo nazi that lives in his basement, his "dead" girlfriend ran away w his 4k and gave me like 200 (BIG W) proof of him being a neo nazi
yuh yuh this site is gas yuh yuhyuh yuh

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