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About GNAA Corporation

GNAA leverages and takes advantage of core skill sets and international-esque gaynigger pseudoenergy through the usage of orgies to provide its clients with robust, scalable, adaptable turnkey prototypes and implementations of gaynigger software. Our products such as Last Measure II leave a great (and salty) taste in many of our client's mouths.

Our Goal and Vision

The GNAA's ultimate goal is to not only provide sexual liberation and equal privileges to gay niggers, but to also sponsor gaynigger corporations in times of strife and crisis (e.g. Apartheid). GNAA is commited to empowering gay niggers, and create a modular and malleable gaynigger service to provide clients with the sexual and matrimonial experience they so rightly deserve.


Since it's foundation, the GNAA is dedicated and driven at creating services adapted to the needs of an ever-evolving and mutating homoerotic afro-audience. Our equipment, technology, intellect and space crew are ready to tackle new challenges with our homosexuality. Furthermore, we have shown repeatedly over and over again over the span of our founding that we are able to create dependable and maintainable Open-Source Software for the community, proving that the GNAA has only one other task in mind besides girthy genitals - the Customer.

Head Figures

George Nigur

George Nigur, the forefather and president of the GNAA and a brilliant man. Known for his ingenuity and his PHD in Astrophysics, Thereoetical Physics, Law, Computer Science and Cybersecurity, George Nigur has excelled on areas and fields where others cannot. In his spare time when not overlooking GNAA infrastructure, Gary enjoys picking cotton, going to nearby gay strip clubs to show off his moves, and organize proms in the GNAA.

Jonathan Negro

Jonathan is the spokesperson (spokesnigger) of the GNAA. Known for his eloquence and oracy with his way of using words, he is feared by many as an excellent scriptwriter, business man and one that led the GNAA out of many legal troubles. He has a PHD in Law. In his free time, Jonathan loves to help other racists recover from their hatred via using vulnerabilities to Afro-American's advantage and smoking medicinal marijuana.

Perell Laquarius Brown

Perell is the GNAA's first skilled youth pastor. Raised in the hardships of war and witnessing the death of his cousins (Amber Singh's father Amber Tunat) he has began coodinarating gaynigger church gatherings. A recovering crackhead, Perell now uses his relapse as a means of talking about sexual intensity of gayniggers, and getting facials in church premises. In his spare time, Perell films and records GNAA propaganda to indoctrinate more racists into a reformed and conformed GNAA ideology.

Ever since I joined the GNAA, no white person ever dares to arrest me! I walk around in my natural attire all day and I still feel pretty gay! Most of all, my penis size doubled from a meagre 5 inches to a whopping 10 inches! Thanks George Nigur!
Alex I. Kaming Gay Nigger

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