Gay Nigger Association of America


The GNAA is a decades old civil rights organization for homo-nigger liberation of all gay niggers around the globe from jews, tyranny and racism. Ever since the foundation of the GNAA, thousands of members have flocked to the cause for all people around the world, to be gay niggers. GNAA members have been affiliated with many corporate brandings, from plastic dildos to gay porn archivals. With over 10000 members and counting, we are proud to flex our muscles. Many gay niggers have infiltrated core positions around the globe as leaders, presidents, government officials and more.

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Our Special Meetings

Special meetings by the GNAA allow for high powered gaynigger turnkey collaboration.

Gay Pornography Weaponization

GNAA defends its righteous territory and its people by utilizing advanced gaynigger pseudomind strategies, such as gay porn.

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GNAA Popbob Foundation

GNAA's group, a subdivision of GNAA focused on Robloxian™ affairs, is skilled in anti-racist combat via the use of psyops, gay porn, OSINT, and black men twerking.

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GNAA Civil Rights Protests

The GNAA has been at war against bigots and racists since its ancestor, Gary Niger, escaped the plantation by sexually assaulting his gay owner. GNAA upholds the values of civil rights and believes in a free democracy that supports the circulation of intense, hardcore homo-pornography and gayniggerdom.

Gay Nigger Church Gatherings

The GNAA has organized church gatherings for all gay niggers to come together and praise the divine holiness of big black dicks in one's mouth.

Ever since I joined the GNAA, no white person ever dares to arrest me! I walk around in my natural attire all day and I still feel pretty gay! Most of all, my penis size doubled from a meagre 5 inches to a whopping 10 inches! Thanks George Nigur!
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Are you gay? Are you a nigger? If you said yes to both of these questions, the Gay Nigger Association of America is for you.

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